Why is it that students learn about the same literature and same history dating back a handful of life times when we don’t even know the history of today or tomorrow. We need to be aware of the situation of now, not the history of the wrongs we did in the past that we learned in school. Yeah you bad, you got the look, the walk and the talk with you’re so called squad. Imagine the violence and drug cartels with the corruption of government and money. Imagine if money was ceased to exist. Desires, lust, and revenge would have been banished because everyone would’ve lived a life of integrity. Without money skyline buildings would be sheered not to grow but to expand with houses in the uses of resources. We’ve got resources that can help the whole world. We live in a world where society needs money to live a life, and that makes us slaves of government rules. Imagine helping out with resources, that would depend where you live and chose to help people. Like the Hawaiians lived in resources of land and sea. The exchange of fish for meat. We could use that lifestyle like a mechanic fixes your car in exchange of what you love and do. I’m just saying man that wether you’re struggling or not there is always someone struggling more than you. For something we have to desperately need to survive. I’m tired of the blindness people see in the corruption of our living dying earth.



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i painted this once upon a time

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This is so breathtaking idk why

This is the best part of being comfortable in a relationship
You can just lay there butt naked n be completely relaxed n not worried what they’re thinking about your body.

this gif is so relaxing

yeah i want that soo bad 

this is so important

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My wish came true


My wish came true

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